[Specialty Brake and Clutch]

About Our Company

Specialty Brake & Clutch
may be contacted via the following methods:

Telephone: (519)726-4514 or 24hour Toll Free fax: (888)892-5668
North American Toll Free: 1-800-265-5159

E-mail: sbc@wincom.net
Website: http://www.clutchshop.com
Surface Mail Addresses as follows:

                                Canadian Address...        7826 Howard Ave. RR#1
                                                                          McGregor, Ontario 
                                                                          N0R 1J0

                            United States Address...     1423 Franklin St. Unit 219A
                                                                         Detroit, Michigan
                                                                         United States

Specialist in Clutch & Brakes for anything that moves
or stops anywhere.

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